to tired to write

Well it’s the first day of our evaluation, but this day had another flavor for all project creators and the coordinators, even that we had a special brunch just sitting or sleeping on our mattresses that we took from our bed, you could always feel that there is something going on inside the hall, and if you really focused on the eyes of some project creators, you could easily find some tears on the edge of each person’s eye.. we could almost smell the odor of good bye.

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Us with the lovely participants from Madaba

By Pernille Høj

Breaking News!

 I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this blog. Today has been the last day of doing the projects in Madaba – and the very last day of doing the project in the whole Mexp 2011. Left are the evaluation (the final one!) and the tearful goodbye. I want to tell you the story of the last project-day in a manner I’m familiar with. And this day definitely deserves a headline in a large scale. Some of you may know the news-criterions: conflict, sensation, authenticity, importance and identification. Mexp 2011 has had it all. As well has the project in Madaba definitely. So today’s blog will be a news-piece: What happened in Madaba? Who were there? Why? How did it happen? And so what? Enjoy.

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move it

After having a zombie day the day before, everyone figured out that there should be more work, more energy, and more passion to work on the projects more than the day before, that’s for sure.

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Mexp is beautiful?

Posted: July 18, 2011 by Middle East Expedition in impressions
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The Martin Petersen

By Martin Petersen

Mexp is beautiful! Those were the words expressed when the Danish, Lebanese, Jordanian, Egyptian and Syrian project creators started developing the Middle East Expedition 2011 some 6 months ago. Come July, it was time to put those words to the test in the sizzling hot Jordanian desert. So off we went and applied our projects, our creativity and our visions. Approaching the end of the expedition it is time to answer the question. Is Mexp truly beautiful? I don’t think so, no. It is something much more important. It is life changing for participants and creators alike. Mexp 2011 wasn’t perfect but it need not to be. In fact, it shouldn’t be.

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By Sofie Thygesen

Good bye Husein betto

It is 6.30 in the morning. My eyes refuse to open. I can still taste the orange flavor from yesterday’s shisha-reunion. I have to get up now. We have a big day ahead of us. I decide to crawl out of bed, somehow I manage to drag myself all the way down to breakfast, where I realize, to my big frustration, that we have run out of coffee. Luckily I was too tired to make a fuzz out of it. A few seconds later I forget all about my coffee-frustration, because a very important person for all of us enters into the room, Hussein. He is leaving us today. We all try to keep the mood high, make jokes and laugh like the spirit of Hussein. Breakfast is over way to soon, and suddenly we all have to say goodbye to Hussein. With his laughter and smiling departure he reminds us all of the most important thing about MEXP, to enjoy the moment.

As depressed zombies we squeeze into the bus, and all of us fall asleep right away. We are finally on our way to Madaba, new city and new participants. When we wake up again we are in Madaba. To our big surprise, because of the bumpy roads and our chauffeur that is convinced that he is immortal, we realize that we have flipped through the air and changed seats.

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As every step we make here in MEXP, an evaluation period has to be done in order make things go right and to fix the twist in our path to reach our goals.

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Jordanian Dabkeh

By Louise McGhie

 Hello everyone!

Today was a very, very mixed day. Last day in Mafraq – that means wrapping up the projects and leaving the place for good, but also lots of satisfied and happy people!

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